Restoration of contaminated soil

European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) works actively in Georgia. Accidentally, One of their unit happened spill of diesel. Company Sanitary and EUMM cooperate for years. So, We have supported of bio-remediation service, Which means cleaning of oily contaminated soil and then restoration. After cleaning, It wont be dangerous anymore for nature, humans and other species. This procedures was conducted. Firstly we cut contaminated layer of soil, Then transported it to our territory for cleaning which will need approximately 1 month.
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Solar Panels in Sanitary

In Georgia ltd “sanitary” is one of the first company in waste management platform. We not only share social responsibility what we have, Also taking care of the environment. Because of that we’re buying new technologies. Today, on 7th February solar panels was processed, Which capacity is 15,75kvt. In the nearest future we’ll have more interesting news. Protect environment and take care of your country.
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Plastic Bags Less Than 15 Microns have been Prohibited in Georgia since October 1

According to the Technical Regulation of the Government of Georgia, plastic bags that are less than 15 microns thick will be banned beginning October 1, 2018. Furthermore, selling, importing, and producing plastic bags will be prohibited starting April 1, 2019. Within the same regulation, selling, importing, and producing oxo-degradable plastic bags will also be banned.
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Estonian colleagues are visiting to ltd “Sanitary”

With the support of USAID WMTR II collaboration between the Georgian and Estonian Waste Management Associations was established. They have visited company “Sanitary” and  checked the places. The representative of sanitary explained how the wastes are utilized and what kind of technology are used. We had nice conversation with Estonian Colleagues and hoping in future  we will have together some contribution and also, exchange experience.
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IFAT – New Technologies

In May 2018, the International Federation of Alternative Trade (IFAT) was held in Munich, Germany. Where the latest environmental technologies were exhibited, which could be introduced and used in the industry. In the world  environmental challenges  is growing  as well  consciousness of the environment is increasing.  Today, Society  demand for use of new technologies  that would minimize bad influence flora and fauna.

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Agriculture and Healthy Food

Nowadays the chemical substances are actively used to produce agricultural crops in order to make products more profitable for marketing – ripe them earlier, be bigger size or be more durable. Each plant has nitrate gathering its own coefficient. Vegetables can digestion more, than grains or fruit. Nitrates are hazardous when they exceed allowed limited norm. Allowed limited norm of nitrates must be correlated between weight and age of Human.

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Preserve of Paper

In order to preserve the paper Japan engineers have created eco “Prepeat” printer. Prepeat does not need cartridges and paper for printing according to its ecologically friendly manner. For this ecofriendly printer the alternative printing material was invented, which is made from “PET” polyethylene and its usage is possible minimum 1000 times. Continue reading “Preserve of Paper”

Preventive Measures for Air pollution


The air pollution is the biggest problem for environment in the world. Frequently we pay attention on outside air pollution, due to researches there was detected, that inside air pollution is much more harmful than air pollution outside, which considers tobacco smoke, dust particles, household chemical products, textile, gases generated in result of burning, used materials as asbestos, formaldehyde and etc.

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Upgrade of Household Wooden Items

Annually more than 15 billion of trees are being cut – in purpose of manufacturing the furniture, paper and various types of household items. Instable usage of the natural resources and generating of large amount wastes presents a serious problem for the modern world. It is important to rise the level knowledge of public by this direction and analyze the suspected risk factors.

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