Incinerating & locating of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste comparing with household waste is more dangerous, because it contains the various chemical contaminants. It can cause contamination of environment, disease of living organisms and provokes other dangerous processes.

Company Sanitary treats hazardous wastes by various principles based on their characteristics. Waste which utilization way was not known have been located at the specialized work area of hazardous waste, which is arranged by concrete protecting surface and is equipped by the special sewerage system, in order to avoid contamination of environment in case of spillage.

The company owns the facility for incineration of hazardous waste, which incinerates wastes with high level of hazard on 1200 0C. Its capacity reaches 300 kg/hr. It must be mentioned, that incinerator is equipped by devices which meet the relevant Euro Standards, which reduces emissions and chemical contaminants in it.


We should mention that all the personal are equipped with protective tools and clothes.