Solid Recyclable Wastes

Company Sanitary provides transportation and segregation of solid wastes at the work area for separation of wastes. There are being separated metal, paper, plastic, glass and other non-hazardous waste from the received wastes, in order for further recycling and secondary usage of them. Whilst the wastes which are not subjected to be recycled, they are being pressed by using the special device and are being sent for storing to the landfill which meets the relevant international standards.

According to the concept of complex wastes control, household waste consists from various components, which in the ideal case should not mixed with each other and their recycling should be conducted by separation according to the best ecological and economical approaches.

Wastes recycling represents the main achievement of the resource protecting technology. Recycling of solid household waste – this is the process for waste recycling in order to receive the useful product from it, which will be used secondary.