Renewable Energy – Wind Power

The wind energy is one of the significant source in the renewable energy sources for obtaining the clean power energy, however there are several factors, which causes critic from the customers in particular: noise, unstable wind flow and less esthetics.

Considering The mentioned factors, the French company “Ne Wind” has created vertical wind turbine “Tree Vent” which has the tree visual. It is like artificial model and also decorates the city. The height of the equipment equals to 10 meters, axis and braches are made by iron, on which 72 units of turbine are being rotated. They are connected to each other and stopping one of them due to any reason would cause to stop the whole turbine operating. In common, the wind turbines are too high, because the wind strength is stronger on the certain height.

The advantage the tree shaped turbine is, that during weak breeze it provides el. Power approximately 2400 kW in a year.

The company has installed the first turbine in Paris in order to estimate its effectiveness. Due to existed results it is planned to install 40 units of the same turbines at the various locations.