Contaminated Soil Bio-Remedation

For clearing the contaminated soil by oil products, there is arranged the special square on the Sanitary base, where is being conducted placing the mentioned contaminated soil and then clearing it by using of special chemical mixtures. The bio-remediation process for soil contaminated by oil products includes the following two stages: During the first stage the contaminated soil is being placed onto the reinforced square by area of 200 m2. After its spreading on the square there is being added produced, patented preparation as far as possible equally, which uses oil destructive micro organs biomass collecting method. Following the adding of the preparation, anaerobic and aerobic conditions are created alternately. Continue reading “Contaminated Soil Bio-Remedation”

Disposal of Luminescent Light Bulbs

The hazardous waste are dangerous for environment and human. There are hazardous waste which contains hazardous substances for example mercury. LTD “Sanitary” owns device, which can filtrate of mercury existing in fluorescent light bulbs and convert the light bulb into non-hazardous waste, which is being conducted in closed sealed system, in order to avoid spreading in the air. Polluted filters are being located into the special barrels and are being stored into the substances warehouses.

Continue reading “Disposal of Luminescent Light Bulbs”

Sow and Care of the Territory

Company has the specially trained group for territory clearing, greening and planting of trees, which works many years by this direction, including high skilled consultants/botanists, who provide high quality works. The group owns the following special transportation units: mulcher, tractor, mowing machine, pickups (truck), lightweight loaders and other necessary techniques. Continue reading “Sow and Care of the Territory”

Waste of Electrical Equipment

Company “Sanitary” offers service of electronic equipment transfer. There is being conducted disposal of wastes, removing of hazardous waste and selection. After this there is being done packaging of electronic wastes, which will be handed over to the collecting company, which takes wastes abroad for secondary usage, but remained material which is not subjected to recycling will be disposed by incineration (burning) manner.

Bio-Toilets Services

Company “Sanitary” offers service with high quality portable and stationary bio toilets within all territory of Georgia.

The services includes supply of bio-toilets as well as service by Bio-toilets, which meets to the international standards as required.

Composting Device

Company is able to receive food residue, which contains the various characteristic composition. The mentioned residue shall be recycled by the special device and using the proper additives, in result it is possible to use it for soil re-cultivation and restoration/remediation. It must be mentioned, that composting is the one of the significant activity for environment protection. Continue reading “Composting Device”

Disposal of Medical Waste

The medical waste includes all types of waste, which are received by medical institutions, medical and veterinary laboratories, medical research centers, health care bodies, pharmaceutic facilities and warehouses. The received wastes in veterinary clinics may be reviewed as medical wastes. The wastes are divided by risk and non-risk categories. Such units who receive medical waste are obliged to segregate and to transfer to specialized contractors according to requirements established by relevant law. Continue reading “Disposal of Medical Waste”

Solid Recyclable Wastes

Company Sanitary provides transportation and segregation of solid wastes at the work area for separation of wastes. There are being separated metal, paper, plastic, glass and other non-hazardous waste from the received wastes, in order for further recycling and secondary usage of them. Whilst the wastes which are not subjected to be recycled, they are being pressed by using the special device and are being sent for storing to the landfill which meets the relevant international standards. Continue reading “Solid Recyclable Wastes”