Contaminated Water Utilization / Transportation

Liquid waste – Company “Sanitary” owns the special tanks, where the contaminated water by the chemicals is being cleared and by this tanks the waters is being transported as well.

Technological process for water contaminated by chemicals includes the following operations:

  • Selection by types of wastes to be recycled;
  • Transfer of relevant types of waste to the work area for big tonnage wastes neutralization, which presents reinforced basin, into which 2 units of 3-5 m3 volume capacities are put (one for acid and the other for alkaline components).
  • Conduction of the neutralization process by pre-selected ratio and speed in N6-8 m3 volume tank. Mixture of the components on the basis of capacities height differences, in some cases it is possible to use of additionally compressed air and water pumps.

Received neutralized material in result of completion of the neutralization process in the special tank, is being transferred to the separator, on which the formed solid salts and water phase is removed – the solid phase is being unloaded and will be stored for storage in purpose of further usage as an inert material. The water secreted from the separator is being going to the settlement tank, then to the final neutralization and at the end of the process into the sewerage system.