Company Policy

LTD “Sanitary” has developed environment protecting, social and gender policy and it is great important for the company. Our goal is improving the inner system and properly manage the processes. We have received the environment protecting policy document, which is intended to minimize the pollutants and retain the environment in the initial condition. Simultaneously, we consider quality and safety issues, because these two variables are able to have a big impact and importance on the human and environment. For all above mentioned company has developed the special requirements, which must be complied by itself as well as its contractors. For achieve this, the attention must be paid for the following issues:

  • Compliance with Georgian and International legislations, which regulates pollutants into the environment and also humans rights;
  • Permanent improvement of environment protection, gender and social management system;
  • Permanent monitoring and estimation of those agents, which may have impact of environment conditions and human;
  • Considering of all environment protecting issues during each business deals;
  • „Precautionary Principles“ considering before conduction of activities and not such operation, which can cause damage of the environment and may be need correcting measures;

Also the gender and social policy document was developed, which aims to equal of male and female rights and get them in the same position.


Company undertakes liabilities and responsibilities to develop the special environment protecting, gender and social management plan, allocate finances, material as well as human resources, in order to achieve goals and objectives.

Also, the company manages the wastes according to the managing waste policy of Euro Union and managing of wastes according to the Georgian Legislation, which is based on the following list:

  • Reduce,
  • Use again,
  • Recycle
  • Convert the waste into the energy and reuse it
  • Placing at the landfill – final phase