Wastes managing rules are determined by legislation and subordinate normative acts, in particular for wastes producers, wastes owners, wastes carriers and operators such new obligations, what is connected to collecting of wastes, temporal storage, pre-processing, transportation, restoration and location, also such activities, measures and operations supervising and residues locating objects further care. Continue reading “Legislation”

Environmental Permits

Company “Sanitary” acts on the two facilities. It has the special permissions on conduct the activities issued by Ministry of environment protection and agricultural of Georgia. On the basis of the permissions there are outlined the requirements, which obliges the company to comply the special norms and harmonize with the legislation, according to which we endeavor to act according to more severe policy and direction. It must be mentioned that we have been granted by ISO (14001:2015) ; ISO (9001:2015 )O certificates in the scope of environment protection and quality, which suggest our attempts being our activities less danger for the environment, also we have established monthly audit and monitoring system, which checks the system proper work. In case of defaults – it is corrected immediately. Continue reading “Environmental Permits”

Company Policy

LTD “Sanitary” has developed environment protecting, social and gender policy and it is great important for the company. Our goal is improving the inner system and properly manage the processes. We have received the environment protecting policy document, which is intended to minimize the pollutants and retain the environment in the initial condition. Simultaneously, we consider quality and safety issues, because these two variables are able to have a big impact and importance on the human and environment. For all above mentioned company has developed the special requirements, which must be complied by itself as well as its contractors. For achieve this, the attention must be paid for the following issues: Continue reading “Company Policy”