Polyethylene Prevention – Less Harm on the Environment

The problem cause by polyethylene pollution on the environment is an actual problem throughout the world. Every year globally 1 trillion polyethylene package is being used. Their complete dispose needs hundreds of years and threat the nature and all inhabitants/organisms.

Company -“Avani” wants to contribute in prevention of environment contamination and produces the alternative material of the polyethylene, which is known as “Bioplastics”.

Company “Avani” manufactures the bio-packages from renewable raw materials, plant “Manihoti” (cassava). This type of the plant is spread in the Asia as usual. After production of 4 tones bio material per day, the various following productions are created: disposable dishes, containers for storing the food, packages, rain coats and etc.

After using the production of company “Avani” is being disposed naturally manner in soil from 3 up to 6 months without toxic wastes. Disposal duration is depend on the soil. It does not threat the inhabitants of the sea and land. There is existing the second simple way for disposal of bio packages: by putting into the hot water the material is being dissolved completely and is safe even for human organism. Bio pckage price slightly exceed the existed polyethylene package price, but by this way we can preserve the beauty of the nature and biodiversity.