Improved Eco-Buildings

There are being collected the plastic wastes at the landfills most of all. The most of them are not biodegradable and its natural disposal needs approximately 450 years. That is why the scientists constantly attempt to get this type of wastes multiple usable.

Students of Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), Karolyn Schaefer and Michael Ortega used plastic wastes in mass production. Students were carrying out the researches during long-time for receiving the desirable results. They could produce more solid and safe concrete through the environment friendly method. As you already know, usage of concrete is on the second place after the water usage.

During its manufacturing many hazardous substances are being generated. Students have dismantled the plastic wastes by gamma radiation emission. The mentioned material was recycled as a powder and was mixed in the concrete. Although plastic share equals only to 1.5%, but the concrete strengthen by 20% got possible by this way. Also must be highlighted the fact, that gamma radiation is the different type of radiation, which does not has impact on the product and is not harmful for the human.

Thus, within the experimental program, it is planned to increase the radiation dose and test the various types of plastic, what presumably will strengthen the concrete structure. In addition, using the such method does have slight impact on the environment.