Innovative Technology of Composting

Composting is the best way for soil natural fertilizing. This is the bio fertilizer, which is very effective in ecological scope, improves plants immunity towards the pests.

To produce the compost is possible by recycling of organ wastes, in home condition – in vegetable garden, at the special area. Now the company Whirlpool offers inovative technology „Zera”, which allows us to produce the compost in the room conditions. It needs a big area to avoid causing of specific odor.

The advantage of the technology is that processes are being conducted easily and in automatic mode. The wastes into the composter first of all are being grinded, the system hydrates it periodically, dries and recycle by using of oxygen. It is desirable to collect the nutrition wastes up to 4 kg and then recycle this mass. If it takes more than 6 months for prepare the composing in home conditions, through “Zera” technology it is possible just in 24 hours. Supervision on the processes is posible through the mobile application, which notifies us all information regarding to the process.

“Zera” technology supports us not only for producing of fertilizer for plants, but it also assist us to minimize the wastes. A big amount of wastes are being collected at the landfills and generated greenhouse gases due to their rotting have a hazardous impact on the environment.