Innovative Eco bracelet In Future

In the modern world, in parallel of scientific-technological achievement there are being increased the ecological problems. The polluted environment has the direct impact on the population health.


“Hand tree” is the portable, lightweight equipment, which is used individually as a watch. It is operated as plant, it transforms the carbon dioxide into oxygen by the photosynthesis principle.

Through the “Hand tree” equipment it is possible to neutralization of the following main pollutants in the environment: Methane, dust particles, tobacco smoke, sulfur oxide and etc. It provides a healthy respiratory zone around the user. It is operated by automatic and human managing mode, the information about air pollution on the specific are is displayed on the screen. The degree indicator of the pollution is different by the colors.

The “Hand tree” provides the comfortable environment for its user in term of multiply usage of its elements and for recharge it does not need the power supply.