Renewable Energy – the Sun

The modern world requires to produce and use the ecologically friendly energy. Accordingly scientists attempt to refine the technologies in scope of design and productivity. For this the best example is the solar panel (Smartflower).

The name “Smartflower” is conditioned from its visual side, because it has the flower shape and it is created based on its structure. “Smartflower” starts work early in the morning and unlike the other ordinary solar panels is effective more than 40-50% . The secret of this equipment is in its movable sheets, which inclines to the sun in automatic mode and are opened. The panel sheets are equipped with brushes, which provide cleaning it from dust in order to work properly.

It is interesting, that at night and during the strong wind in order to avoid the damage, “Smartflower” is being closed itself.

Throughout Europe only 1000 “Smartflower” are installed yet, which are used for residential houses as well as for micro business.

As you already know one European family consumes approximately 3.500 kWh energy. The mentioned equipment is able to consume averagely 3.400 – 6.200 kw0h energy.

Also must be mentioned, that unlike the ordinary solar panels “Smartflower” installing on the desirable place is not difficult. This process takes only 3 hours.