Preventive Measures for Air pollution


The air pollution is the biggest problem for environment in the world. Frequently we pay attention on outside air pollution, due to researches there was detected, that inside air pollution is much more harmful than air pollution outside, which considers tobacco smoke, dust particles, household chemical products, textile, gases generated in result of burning, used materials as asbestos, formaldehyde and etc.

The various technologies are being created for prevention of inside air pollution, but most of them are not effective.

In 2007, bio medical engineering professor David Edwards invented the air cleaning equipment “Andrea Air Purifier” by natural way. It presents miniature orangerie and is the best for those, who loves the room plants.
Plants leaves, roots and wet soil are involved in air cleaning. The equipment has mechanical ventilator, which circulates air to the roots and supports to clean the air in short-term. The clean air comes out from the special ventilator, but toxins are being collected separately.

It is ideally working in the area of 40 sq.m if the plant placed in this area is being irrigated frequently. Considering the room design or human wish it is possible to combine the equipment with the various plants.
The above said technology is on the market since 2010 and customers quantity is being increased constantly.