Upgrade of Household Wooden Items

Annually more than 15 billion of trees are being cut – in purpose of manufacturing the furniture, paper and various types of household items. Instable usage of the natural resources and generating of large amount wastes presents a serious problem for the modern world. It is important to rise the level knowledge of public by this direction and analyze the suspected risk factors.

One of the German companies “Manufract” quite successfully provides its activities – what means to produce the desirable ecological products considering the waste minimization. For this reason, the company uses the wooden material from broken and damaged trees.

In the nature, live organisms have the ability of self-restoration naturally , when they have been damaged. Trees also are not the exceptions thanks to their adhesive substance e.g. resin. Due to this fact, this natural process has become the inspiration source for the company and they are using the furniture for secondary purposes, which are intended to get rid off. The broken and cracked wooden parts are being covered by colored substance manufactured on the plant extract, which is ecologically clean and non-toxic. After drying the substance is being harden and obtains the effect of iced water or amber. The wooden details are being seen through the transparent resin substance, which are esthetically combined with each other. Also it must be mentioned, that company use this material for restore the various damaged wooden items.