Agriculture and Healthy Food

Nowadays the chemical substances are actively used to produce agricultural crops in order to make products more profitable for marketing – ripe them earlier, be bigger size or be more durable. Each plant has nitrate gathering its own coefficient. Vegetables can digestion more, than grains or fruit. Nitrates are hazardous when they exceed allowed limited norm. Allowed limited norm of nitrates must be correlated between weight and age of Human.

We often try to eat healthy products, but due to we do not have exact information about ecologically friendly products we involuntary endanger our health .

In short time, the harmful effect caused from food is expressed by poisoning, but having such type foods constantly causes cancer, cardiac and allergic diseases.

Scientists have been searching the ways for resolve the mentioned problems and they have created (Greentest), which will assist us to resolve this issue as far as possible.

“Greatest” gives us opportunity to measure nitrates quantity in fruit and vegetables in 3 second. Also gives us information about products cleanliness, ripeness and rotting. It is the small sized portable device, which is equipped by probe and has a little screen. After sticking the probe into the vegetable it calculates nitrates quantity through the special algorithm and the results are being displayed on the screen, after this process we obtain the information regarding to this product. For getting more accurate information the mentioned device apart from three digits gives three following colored signals: green, yellow and red.

Green color indicates, that additives do not exceed the allowed limited norms and its obtaining is safe for our health.
Yellow indicates, that additives quantity exceed the allowed limited norms and it needs review the result details.
Red indicates, that nitrates quantity exceed the allowed limited quantity twice and is dangerous for your health.